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Top 100 Articles of 2016

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The publication “Fast machine-learning online optimisation of ultra-cold-atom experiments” was ranked in the top 100 articles published in Scientific Reports in 2016, receiving 11820 views.

The paper was the result of a collaboration between Australian National University and Professor Andre Luiten.

Scientific Reports is part of the Nature publishing group and more than 20000 articles were published in 2016.


Reference: Wigley et al (2016) “Fast Machine-Learning Online Optimization of Ultra-Cold-Atom Experiments” Scientific Reports, 6, 25890. doi:10.1038/srep25890

Professor Tanya Monro joins the Australian Government Commonwealth Science Council


Professor Tanya Monro

The Australian Government has announced that it will invest $12 million to improve the focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in primary and secondary schools across the country. The Government will also establish the Commonwealth Science Council as the preeminent body for advice on science and technology in Australia.

IPAS Founding Director Professor Tanya Monro has been announced as one of the Science Council members. Members will ensure discussions address the need for industry and science to work together closely to boost Australia’s competitiveness. Chaired by the Prime Minister, the Science Council will advise the Government on areas of national strength, current and future capability and on ways to improve connections between Government, research organisations, universities and business. Congratulations to Tanya.

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