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IPAS Science Network Soccer Tournament

The IPAS Science Network continues to build social connections between scientists of different disciplines. On the afternoon of Friday the 14th of November, physicists, chemists, biologists and chemical engineers participated in a soccer tournament. It was an enjoyable day on the soccer field followed by celebration drinks in the Braggs Atrium. Congratulation to the two winning teams, the IPAS team and the Physics team! Thanks to all the players and participants for filling the day with lots of fun!

The IPAS Science Network would like to thank IPAS, CNBP, School of Chemistry and Physics, and the OSA Student Chapter who helped to make this event possible.


1. Disciplines
-Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Match 1 Chem vs Physics (0:2)
Match 2 Chem vs Biology (0:0)
Match 3 Physics vs Biology (3:0)


2. Groups
– Losic Group A, Losic Group B, IPAS team

Match 1: Losic A vs Losic B (3:6)
Match 2: Losic A vs IPAS (2:6)
Match 3: IPAS vs Losic B (7:3)

Winner: IPAS team

Soccer Hoffmann Physics Team soccer Playing soccer IPAS team soccerSoccer playing

IPAS Science Network present ‘Scientists outside the Lab’

Science Network

The Science Network will hold an event to communicate some of the fantastic endeavors scientists pursue outside of the lab. This event will be held before the end of the year and the organisers want to hear from you if you would be interested in giving a 10-15 minute talk giving an overview of your involvement in outreach or a philanthropic endeavor.

These talks do not have to be science related. If you are interested, please prepare a short summary of what you would like to present, your contact details, discipline and your availability between now and the end of the year and email them to Ms Kelly Keeling.

Ms Kelly Keeling

Ms Kelly Keeling