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IPAS Researcher Interviewed by SCI

IPAS scientist Dr Giuseppe Tettamanzi was privileged to be invited by
the Chemistry and Industry magazine, a publication of the Society of Chemical Industry in London, for his scientific comments on the the novel metal-air transistors research which will pave the way for future electronics. Dr Tettamanzi is leading an international research team that has recently developed a ground breaking single electron pump which put forward for future quantum information procession applications including in defence, cybersecurity and encryption and big data analysis.
For more information about Dr Tettamanzi’ s innovative research, please click here.


IPAS revolutionary research featured in Optics Express

 IPAS researchers led by Dr Stephen Warren-Smith and Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem have fabricated an imaging optical fibre using a new technique of extruding glass through metal 3D printed dies. This opens opportunities for ultra-small, high-resolution imaging with potential for imaging and sensing inside previously inaccessible regions of the body.

Soft-glass imaging microstructured optical fibers
Stephen C. Warren-Smith, Alastair Dowler, and Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
Optics Express, Vol. 26, Issue 26,pp. 33604-33612 (2018)
DOI: 10.1364/OE.26.033604

2018 FHMS Executive Dean’s Award

Congratulations to Dr Jiawen Li for being awarded the Faculty of Health and Medicine Sciences Executive Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (Early Career Researchers) for her significant contribution to multidisciplinary research programs and the public awareness of health and medical sciences.

IPAS ECR awarded The Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Jiawen Li who was awarded $150,000 for the Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2 years.  Dr Li will investigate a new multimodal high-resolution imaging tool that can directly study high-risk plaques in living organisms, in real-time, enabling molecular and microstructural insights into the development of plaques, one of the most common cause of heart attack. Specifically, the new tool will be used to assess plaques in commonly-used preclinical animal models and in dissected human arteries. It will answer fundamental questions of how plaques evolve, how they cause heart attacks, and how they respond to different forms of treatment. This project will also provide a pathway for the clinical translation of this novel tool and holds hope to improve health outcomes by providing cardiologists with better ways to accurately diagnose and manage high-risk plaques and prevent heart attacks.

IPAS DECRA wins Fulbright Future Scholarship

Congratulations to Dr Ben Sparkes who was awarded Fulbright FutureScholarship. Dr Sparkes will spend 3 months working with Prof Alex Gaeta at Columbia University in the City of New York on a project titled “Changing Colours in Optical Fibres: The Key to Long-Distance Quantum-Secured Communications”.

Dr Ben Sparkes is an ARC DECRA fellow working within the Precision Measurement Group at IPAS.  His research has focused on developing a quantum memory device to maximise the distance of quantum cryptography, which will boost the security of communications for government,business and the broader community.  He is also the co-founder of the “Amazing University of Adelaide Laser Radio” outreach activity, where high school students construct a device that transmits audio signals over a laser beam using basic electronics components. Dr Sparkes was named South Australian Tall Poppy of the year at the 2018 SA Government Science Excellent Awards in August.

The Fulbright Program is the flagship foreign exchange scholarship program of the US, aimed at increasing binational collaboration, cultural understanding, and the exchange of ideas.

IPAS ECR awarded a Global Connections Fund Bridging Grant

Congratulations to Dr Chris Perrella who was successfully awarded $50,000 for the project titled “High-performance optical clock for next-generation precision timing” under the Global Connections Bridging Grant program. This Project will develop a compact high‐performance clock for delivering ultra‐precise timing signals by linking Australia’s foremost precision measurement laboratory at IPAS, University of Adelaide, with the world’s leading company in precision optical measurement technology, Menlo Systems GmbH (Menlo).

Bridging Grants are a program of assistance that targets early stage proof of concept and knowledge transfer, product development and market testing, innovation and commercialisation activities. They are designed to support international SME-Researcher partnerships grow beyond an initial level of engagement such as might be developed during a Priming Grant funded process, into a strong collaboration which leads to the translation of research knowledge and intellectual property into market ready products or services.

Sapphire Clock awarded the prestigious 2018 Defence Science and Technology Eureka Prize

1Congratulations to Sapphire Clock team for being awarded 2018 Defence Science and Technology Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia.

By combining two decades of pioneering research with cutting-edge engineering, the Sapphire Clock Team’s technology offers the potential for a step change in the performance of the Jindalee Over-The-Horizon Radar Network, a vital Australian defence asset. The Sapphire Clock offers a thousandfold improvement in timing precision, helping Australian defence agencies identify threats to the nation.

The Eureka Prizes is one of the biggest nights for Australian science and highlights all the incredible work coming out of Australia. Presented annually, the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence in the fields of research & innovation, leadership, science engagement and school science. The winners were announced last night at the award dinner  held in the Sydney Townhall.


IPAS DECRA named South Australian Tall Poppy of the year 2018

Ben_SAAwardCongratulations Dr Ben Sparkes  who was named South Australian Tall Poppy of the Year at the 2018 SA Government Science Excellence Awards. Dr Sparkes is developing a device that can extend the maximum distance of quantum cryptography, which will boost the security of communications for government, business and the broader community. 

Unveiling of China-Australia Joint Laboratory for Fabrication of the special Optical fibres and biochemical Detection Innovation (CAFODI)

unveiling ceremony

Building on two complementary areas of research excellence with strong industry relevance, IPAS and the Laser Institute (LI) of the Shandong Academy of Sciences (SDAS), the Joint Laboratory CAFODI (China-Australia Joint Laboratory for Fabrication of the special Optical fibres and biochemical Detection Innovation) was established in September 2017, and officially unveiled by Hon David Ridgway, South Australian Minister for Trade Tourism and Investment and VC Peter Rathjen of University of Adelaide in Jinan, Shandong, China, on 17th July 2018.

CAFODI aims to fabricate novel microstructured optical fibres and develop biochemical optical sensors, speeding up their translation in the global market as well as postgraduate education. The joint laboratory is led by Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem and Dr Yinlan Ruan in Adelaide and Director Zhongqing Jia and Dr Jiasheng Ni of Laser Institute, SDAS, in China. An initial commitment of AU$60K was made from the University of Adelaide in January, 2018 and the second investment from our partner is on the way and will focus on fabrication of the hollow core fibres and petrol sensors. We expect that establishment of CAFODI will largely contribute to increasing commercial opportunities for SA researchers and education institutions and demonstrate a shared commitment to solve industry problems through research and collaboration.

CAFORD leaders


IPAS Research Open Day – Thursday 6 September 2018


Come join us as we celebrate the fantastic research being conducted at the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing, where we use the power of light to make the world a healthier, wealthier and better place.

11:00-12:30 Introduction to IPAS – Braggs Lecture Theatre
Hear about the exciting research being conducted by IPAS in areas ranging from advanced gravitational-wave detection through to creating next-generation medical devices and Defence technologies.

12:30-2:00 Free BBQ Lunch – Braggs Foyer
Connect with our researchers over a free barbeque lunch. Interested in doing a summer scholarship, honours or PhD project with us? This is the perfect opportunity to talk to experts across Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and Biology about the exciting work they are doing.

1:00-3:00 Tours of the IPAS Labs – Leaving from Braggs Foyer
Take advantage of this rare opportunity to go behind closed doors and get a close up to our experiments. See the state-of-the-art equipment we use and create to do our world-leading research.

As places are limited, RSVP is essential. Please click here to register by 31 August.