IPAS proudly part of the pioneering team to develop non-invasive nerve repair technology

Sara - The University of Adelaide - 19/2/19Research worldwide has been left unanswered to develop tools for repairing effectively damaged neuronal tissue, which may have serious detrimental effects on patient life quality. An innovative and minimally invasive graft-antenna, which can function concurrently as a wireless simulator and adhesive scaffold for nerve repair, has come to the answer. More amazingly, the graft antenna is biocompatible and does not require circuitry or separate electrodes to stimulate tissue. This innovative device, also highlighted by MIT Technology Review,  was developed under a multidisciplinary research team led by Dr Antonio Lauto (University of Western Sydney), Dr Giuseppe Tettamanzi (IPAS – the University of Adelaide), Prof Marcus Stoodley (Macquarie University), and  Dr Damia Mawad (University of New South Wales).

Stimulation and Repair of Peripheral Nerves Using Bioadhesive Graft‐Antenna
Ashour Sliow  Zhi Ma  Gaetano Gargiulo  David Mahns  Damia Mawad  Paul Breen  Marcus Stoodley  Jessica Houang  Rhiannon Kuchel  Giuseppe C. Tettamanzi  Richard D. Tilley  Samuel J. Frost  John Morley  Leonardo Longo  Antonio Lauto.
Advanced Science, First Published: 03 April 2019

For media release, please click here.

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