First IPAS REARCH OPEN DAY in the Braggs


The atmosphere in the Braggs has never been more exciting than it was on Thursday 6 September 2018. It was the first #IPASOpenDay with attendance of more than 200 people from the general public, university stakeholders, STEM students and industry partners. The day kicked off with an hour of presentations by six IPAS team leaders who shed light on the culture and ground breaking research within IPAS. The “loud and clear” message for school students was about the tremendous opportunities in Defence, Space and Start-ups in SA.

The event offered a unique opportunity for all visitors to experience the state of the art facilities at IPAS up close. All IPAS-related research labs in the Braggs, MLS and Physics buildings were open for more than two hours and it was rewarding to see wide-eyed visitors coming out chatting excitedly about their experiences. With so much to offer, it was our pleasure to see such a diversity of people at IPAS especially the STEM students who had so much fun and gained so much from the experience. The IPAS demonstrations table with the Interferometer and the Radio Laser was always full of people with interesting questions. The visitors even got to experience a fluorescent chocolate fondue, and see how to measure radiation through a banana smoothie…

The day was a huge success and a credit to those staff who put together such a fun and inspiring event. Next year will be even bigger and better. Given the benefits of explaining to the community what we really do at the University, this might be something to be considered more broadly across the campus. The philosophy of opening the labs to all and being transparent about our activities can be very powerful.

If you are interested in exploring potential synergies and being part of next year’s event, please contact Elodie Janvier, IPAS Strategic Research Development Manager.

For more information, please look at the video and  IPAS website.








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