IPAS Metastable Krypton featured in Physical Review Letters

MiladPublished this week in the prestigious Physical Review Letters journal, IPAS researchers have demonstrated a record performance in the generation of metastable krypton by using a two photon excitation technique. This is set to bring extreme value as a source for metastable atoms for laser cooling and trapping applications, in particular for atom trap trace analysis (ATTA).

Here, they show an efficiency of up to 2% per pulse; a great step towards achieving the holy grail of 10% that would allow the dating of deep ice core samples. This has the potential to revolutionise the ice core research field by addressing one of its key unmet challenge of extending the existing 800,000 years dating record back in time to 1.5 million years and  help unravel many mysteries that are still puzzling geologists today.

Laser-Based Metastable Krypton Generation
M.A. Dakka, G. Tsiminis, R.D. Glover, C. Perrella, J. Moffatt, N.A. Spooner, R.T. Sang, P.S. Light, and A.N. Luiten
Phys.Rev.Lett.121,093201 – Published 31 August 2018.



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