ARC Future Fellowship for Dr Jonathan George

jonathan georgeCongratulations to Dr Jonathan George on receiving an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship.

Jonathan will be using marine microorganisms to study the biosynthesis of usual antibiotic products, hopefully resulting in the creation of new antibiotics. Currently a senior lecturer in the School of Chemistry,  Jonathan will receive $820 000 for salary and research support over a four year period.


Project details: 

“Using natural products to inspire discoveries in synthesis and biosynthesis. This project aims to understand the organic chemistry that occurs in the biosynthesis of unusual antibiotic natural products by marine microorganisms. In an interdisciplinary approach, proposed biosynthetic intermediates will be synthesized and screened against newly isolated enzymes from the microorganisms of interest. This will allow the elucidation of biosynthetic pathways, and aid the discovery of new chemoenzymatic reactivity that may be broadly useful in organic synthesis. Non-enzymatic, predisposed organic reactions will also be uncovered during the project. The benefit of this project will be an improvement in our ability to synthesise potential antibiotics using a combined synthetic organic and chemoenzymatic approach. This could lead to useful new antibiotics in the future.”

ARC Future Fellowships are aimed at allowing outstanding mid-career researchers to stay in Australia and encourage research in areas of national priority.

A comprehensive list of other successful Future Fellowships can be found here.


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