IPAS New Year Event for 2015

It has been the tradition of IPAS to celebrate the successes of its members in the new year rather than during the very crowded and busy time at the end of the year. This year we got together on January 30 at Stellas, Henley Beach to recognise the achievements of our members as well as to plan for the year ahead.

The first announcement of the day were the winners of the annual “IPAS Student Research Event”. These prizes are designed to encourage our PhD students to make compelling and effective presentations. The two best presentations were given to Jesse Teo of the School of Physical Sciences for the talk ‘Hetero-bimetallic metal organic polyhedra’ who was given the ‘Tanya Monro Presentation Award’ and Myles Clark of the School of Physical Sciences for the talk ‘A dual wavelength Methane DIAL laser’ who was awarded the ‘Merry Wickes Transdisciplinary Prize’. These two should be firmly congratulated for their efforts in a very tough competition.


Tanya Monro and Jesse Teo


Myles Clark and Andre Luiten

However, an equally important benefit flows from the involvement of almost all of our students in organising, participating and presenting at the event. The skill of effective communication is one that helps in every aspect of life and this event gives great training through practice and examples. We also recognised the efforts of three other students in this exercise, Carly Whitakker for the talk ‘Optical fibers for radiation detection and dosimeter’ from the School of Physical Sciences, Daniel Stubing for the talk ‘Photoswitchable sensors: reversible ion detection using optical fibers’ from the School of Physical Sciences and Karan Gulati for the talk ‘3d printed bone implants decorated with nanotubes’ from The School of Chemical Engineering. The students were recognised for their outstanding efforts by awarding them with an “Honourable Mention”.


Andre Luiten and Carly Whittaker


Andre Luiten and Daniel Stubing


Andre Luiten and Karan Gulati

We also announced winners of our inaugural “Best Papers” competition for 2014. We were inundated with entries showing the quality and impact of the research being conducted by IPAS members. Further information on the winners and a short citation of the winning papers is found here.

More images from the day below and on the IPAS Facebook page:

IMG_0020   IMG_0063   IMG_0076   IMG_0135  IMG_0111   IMG_0103   IMG_0092   IMG_0058


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