Paper Summary: Prehistoric mining at Olympic Dam in arid South Australia

Prof Nigel Spooner

Prof Nigel Spooner

Paper Summary written by Prof Nigel Spooner:

We describe the excavation of a “silcrete” mine (a rock that stone tools are made from) at Olympic Dam. We dated this activity, using a method called Optical Dating, to 2,400 to 2,300 years ago. The mine was then abandoned, but 1,000 years ago people returned and made more tools by knapping silcrete blocks left on the surface. This site shows sophisticated resource extraction and usage in the prehistoric era.

In collaboration with Huonbrook Environment and Heritage Pty Ltd, Australian National University, Flinders University, University of Sydney and DSTO.

Archaeology in Oceania 49 (1), 43-55 (2014)

Authors: Sullivan, M, Hughes, P, Way, AM, Spooner, N

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