Mid-infrared fiber lasers at and beyond 3.5 μm using dual-wavelength pumping

Mr Ori Henderson-Sapir

Mr Ori Henderson-Sapir

Paper Summary: We developed a fibre-optic based laser that produces significant amount of power while operating very efficiently at the deepest mid-infrared wavelength ever demonstrated by an ordinary fibre-laser without cryogenic cooling. There are some exciting possible applications for our laser such as jamming heat-seeking missiles, monitoring greenhouse gases and even early disease detection using breath analysis.

Authors: Henderson-Sapir, O, Munch J, Ottaway, DJ

Optics Letters 39(3), 493-496 (2014)

Current fibre-optic based Laser

Current fibre-optic based Laser

Fibre-optic based Laser trials – photo taken by Janice Evan

Trial and Error along the way

Fibre-optic based Laser trials


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