Invited Article: Dielectric material characterization techniques and designs of high-Q resonators for applications from micro to millimeter-waves frequencies applicable at room and cryogenic temperatures

A/Prof John Hartnett

A/Prof John Hartnett

Paper Summary:

Materials characterization of high Q-factor dielectric resonators and the various measurement techniques that have been developed are reviewed in this paper, at frequencies from microwave to millimeter wave. The dielectrics include polycrystalline and monocrystalline monolithic materials as well as distributed-layered structures. The paper presents the best techniques to use for different resonator designs at various frequencies.

Authors: Le Floch, J-M, Fan, Y, Humbert, G, Shan, Q, Férachou, D, Bara-Maillet, R, Aubourg, M, Hartnett, JG, Madrangeas, V, Cros, D, Blondy, J-M, Krupka, J, Tobar, ME

Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (3), 031301 (2014)

Work was undertaken in collaboration with University of Western Australia, XLIM, UMR CNRS, France, National University of Defense Technology, China, The University of Cambridge, UK and Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Harnett Review_Spheres


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