Public Seminar Invitation – Dr Elisa De Ranieri “Publishing in Nature Journals”

We have the pleasure of hosting Dr Elisa De Ranieri, the Associate Editor at Nature Nanotechnology for a seminar on the topic “Publishing in Nature Journals”. In her talk, Dr De Ranieri will be detailing what it takes to have a paper published in a Nature journal and what factors determine whether a paper is accepted or rejected. Full abstract below. All are invited to attend.

Date/time: Friday 7 February; 3pm

Location: The Braggs Lecture Theatre, The University of Adelaide. University of Adelaide Campus Map. The Braggs building is located at E-11 on the grid.



What does it take to have a paper published in a Nature journal? What are the factors determining whether a paper is accepted or rejected? Who handles the manuscripts and what sort of criteria do they apply? This talk aims to demystifying editorial decisions and provide insight into the peer-review process. After a brief outline of the differences between the various Nature titles, I will describe how an editor reaches a first decision on a manuscript, how the subsequent external peer-review is handled, and how a paper is eventually published. The talk will help authors in the preparation of their manuscript for submission to Nature journals, and reviewers in clarifying how their valuable input enters the editorial decision.

Elisa De Ranieri, Associate Editor at Nature Nanotechnology
Elisa joined Nature Nanotechnology in January 2013, after working as an Associate Editor at Nature Communications for eight months. She has a first degree in electronic engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy, and a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge. She also worked as a research scientist at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory. Her research focused on spintronics in ferromagnetic semiconductors.


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