Prof Andre Luiten summarises his paper ‘high-precision optical-frequency dissemintion on branching optical-fiber networks’

Andre Luiten

High-precision optical-frequency dissemination on branching optical-fiber networks – Optics Letters

We have developed a highly-stable way to transmit timing signals from one central location to potentially hundreds of end users simultaneously. This is done using existing optical fibre networks and can even be done in parallel with internet traffic that is propagating on the same optical fibre. This new technique gives the potential for  highly-precise atomic-clock signals to be made easily available to the wider community, potentially leading to improvements in the performance of mobile phone towers, radar stations, internet exchanges, or indoor positioning systems.

Authors: Schediwy SW, Gozzard D, Baldwin KG, Orr BJ, Bruce Warrington R, Aben G, Luiten AN.

Optics Letters 38(15), 2893-2896.

optical-fiber networks


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