Dr Sabrina Heng discusses her paper on Microstructured Optical Fibers and Live Cells

Sabrina Heng

Microstructured Optical Fibers and Live Cells: A Water-soluble, Photochromic Zinc Sensor – Biomacromolecules

We have developed a biologically compatible sensor that can sense zinc ions from apoptotic cells and is suitable for development into a nanoliter-scale dip-sensor using microstructured optical fiber. Future applications include the sensing of zinc ions in oocytes maturations/fertilization and bacterial infections.

Authors: S. Heng, C. A. McDevitt, A. D. Abell, D. B. Stubing, J. J. Whittall, J. G. Thompson, T. K. Engler, T. M. Monro

Biomacromolecules, 2013, 14 (10), 3376–3379



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