Paper Summary by Prof Andre Luiten on radio-frequency signals across long-distance optical fiber links

Andre Luiten

Stable radio-frequency transfer over optical fiber by phase-conjugate frequency mixing – Optics Express

We have developed a technique for transferring radio-frequency signals across long-distance optical fibre links.  This technology has applications for radio-astronomy, in particular in the areas of Very-Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) in which signals received from distant radio-telescopes can be fused together to produce a coherent observation at high resolution.  The twin benefits of this approach is that it works in the presence of large length fluctuations of the fibre without the need for correction and can tolerate short drop-outs of the entire link without deleterious effects.

Authors: Yabai He, Brian J. Orr, Kenneth G. H. Baldwin, Michael J. Wouters, Andre N. Luiten, Guido Aben, R. Bruce Warrington

This work was done in collaboration with researchers from Macquarie University, National Measurement Institute, The Australian National University and Australia’s Academic and Research Network

Optics Express 21 (16), 18754-64 (2013)



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