Antibiotic to fight drug-resistant bacteria shows promise in laboratory testing


Antibiotics able to trick the bacteria that builds drug immunity have shown promising results in laboratory testing. Researchers at Adelaide University, working in collaboration with Monash University and Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, have developed a way of stopping the growth of key proteins. “It’s still early stage research, but what we’ve done is identify the fact that, as many others have, there’s a need for new classes of antibiotics, ones that have a novel mode of action so that way it can combat the problems of resistance with common antibiotics these days,” project leader Professor Andrew Abell explained. “We’ve identified a key biological target within the bacteria and, if you can knock out that target, then the bacteria can’t survive. “It’s a protein target that no one else has targeted before so as a consequence the compounds and the approach are quite new.”……
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andrew abell


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