IPAS Members Awarded over $6.5M by Australian Research Council

Congratulations to the 18 Members of the Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS) listed below on their successful ARC Discovery, DORA, Linkage and DECRA grant applications. Over $6.5M was awarded over 14 successful grants. Particular mention should go to A/Prof. Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem who secured two Discovery grants and one LIEF grant, to Professor Andre Luiten whose team secured one Discovery grant, one DORA Fellowship and one LIEF grant, to Prof Andrew Abell who secured one Discovery grant and one LIEF grant and to Dr Jonathan George who secured a DECRA, Discovery and a LIEF grant. This new funding will result in exciting new research and significant new research infrastructure (including new NMR facilities) in Adelaide. The results were outstanding across the IPAS science themes.

DP130101827  Abell, Prof Andrew; George, Dr Jonathan
Project: Taking nature’s lead in the development of new and improved enzyme inhibitors
Total: $390,000

DP131012494  Ebendorff-Heidepriem, A/Prof Heike
Project: Nanocrystals in glass: a new nanophotonic material
Total: $480,000

DP130103971  Hill, Dr Gary; Protheroe, A/Prof Raymond
Project: Unlocking the universe’s high energy secrets with large scale neutrino detectors at the South Pole.
Total: $375,000

DP1301051541   Ebendorff-Heidpriem, A/Prof Heike
Project: Shining the light on geometry of microstructured optical fibres
Total: $350,000

DP130104129  Luiten, Prof Andre; Hartnett, Prof John; Light, Dr Philip
Project: Ultra-high spectral purity lasers for tests of relativity and atomic clocks
Total: $850,000

LE130100168  Carver, Prof John, Abell, Prof Andrew; George, Dr Jonathan
Project: Adelaide Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Total: $1,235,000

LE130100161  Ebendorff-Heidepriem, A/Prof Heike; Monro, Prof Tanya; Lancaster, A/Prof David
Project: Next generation of extrusion capability for the fabrication of advanced photonic structures
Total: $150,000

LE130100199  Hoffmann, A/Prof Peter; Pukala, Dr Tara
Project: Establishment of the Protein Quantitation Centre of South Australia (PQCSA)
Total: $475,000

LE130100158  Kee, Dr Tak
Project: Supercontinuum fibre laser consortium for the chemical and materials sciences
Total: $200,000

LE130100163  Luiten, Prof Andre; Hartnett, Prof John; Light, Dr Philip
Project: High performance clock facility for new-generation radar, imaging, measurement and radio-astronomy applications
Total: $300,000

LE130100119  Doonan, Dr Christian
Project: Materials characterisation facility for a sustainable future
Total: $420,000

LE130100032  Munch, Prof Jesper; Veitch, A/Prof Peter; Ottaway, Dr David; 
Project: Australian partnership in advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
Total: $990,000

DE130100689  George, Dr Jonathan
Project: Applying nature’s chemistry to the synthesis of complex bioactive natural products
Total: $375,000

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