Braggs building update and stakeholder consultation

The process to figure out which IPAS research members and equipment goes where in ‘The Braggs’ building was taken a step further yesterday.


At an event was held on the seventh floor of the recently completed “Ingkarni Wardli’  building overlooking the construction site of the new IPAS headquarters in ‘The Braggs’. Over drinks and nibbles, attendees had a chance to look at draft plans for office space and the new labs and heard about the process for optimising staff and equipment placement in such a way that supports a both a Trans-disciplinary and disciplinary approach to excellent research outcomes.


More photos available on Flickr.

It has been an exciting journey since 2007 when the first seeds of the IPAS vision were planted while seeking funding for the transfer of silica glass fabrication equipment from Sydney to Adelaide. Several years have passed from that initial funding bid and initial meetings with architects and now all seems on track for hand-over of the facility early next year. And now, it is time to begin the process of figuring out exactly who and what equipment goes where in the new building on the North Adelaide campus of the University of Adelaide.


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