IPAS New Year Celebration, 25 January 2012

Thank to all who attended this yearʼs IPAS New Year Celebration at Middlebrook Estate.

A good time was had by all with great food and wine served.


Thank you to all the students who gave a talk at the IPAS Student Prize presentations: Witold Bloch, Jillian Moffat, Kelly Keeling, Damian Rankine, Karina Martin, Chris Kalnins, Ori Henderson-Sapir, Roman Kostecki, Ashok Pehere and Daniel Stubing.

Tanya Monro along with Merry, benefactor of the Merry Wickes Transdiciplinary Prize, awarded the student prizes for best transdisciplinary and disciplinary presentations.

Winner for the Merry Wickes Transdisciplinary Prize : Karina Martin
“Biology Ovarian cancer biomarker discovery”

Highly Commended for the Merry Wickes Transdisciplinary Prize : Chris Kalnins
“Radiation dosimetry using optically stimulated luminescence in fluoride phosphate glass optical fibres”

Winner of the IPAS Disciplinary Prize:” Witold Bloch
“Soft materials: Breathing in a 3-D porous coordination polymer”

Highly Commended of the IPAS Disciplinary Prize: Ori Henderson-Sapir
“Development of a mid-IR fibre laser”


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