Recent Publications

IPAS members have recently published the following journal papers:

Abadie,…. JMunch, J,…. Ottaway, D,…. Zweizig, J.b “Search for gravitational waves from binary black hole inspiral, merger, and ringdown” Physical Review D – Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology Volume 83, (12)

D. Buccoliero, H. Steffensen, H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, T.M. Monro, O. Bang, “Midinfrared optical rogue waves in soft glass photonic crystal fiber”, Optics Express 19 (19), 17973-17978

Abramowski, A,…. Rowell, G,…. Zechlin, H.-S “Search for a dark matter annihilation signal from the galactic center halo with H.E.S.S.” Physical Review Letters, 106 (16)

Hampf, D., Rowell, G., Wild, N., Sudholz, T., Horns, D., Tluczykont, M. “Measurement of night sky brightness in southern Australia” Advances in Space Research, 48 (6) 1017-1025


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