Illumin8 Ceremony: Celebrating Our New Research Facility

We celebrated on the Barr Smith Lawns the next stage in development of the impressive 7-level Illumin8 building, a facility that will provide much-needed teaching and research space and will also be home to the Institute for Photnics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS). The Vice Chancellor Prof James McWha held an illumination ceremony where Senator Hon Kim Carr, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research ‘illuminated’ a light, representing the Illimin8 building.

Illumin8 Ceremony

Senator Carr said “IPAS will bring together physicists, chemists and biologists to pursue a collaborative approach to science. Our investment in high quality research infrastructure is critical to maintaining our place in the global knowledge economy. The new facility will attract the world’s best photonics researchers to Adelaide – and their discoveries will fuel growth in Australian industry”.

Senator Hon Kim Carr, Prof Tanya Monro, Prof James McWha

Please see article ‘iPads for Science Students: The Future’s in Their Hands‘ detailing Senator Carrs visit for the iPad launch for the Faculty of Sciences and the Illumin8 Ceremony.

illumin8 building site


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