IPAS Wins Six Super Science Fellowships

Six Super Science Fellowships have been awarded to Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS). The work being conducted at IPAS is applicable to health, defence, and the environment. The fellows will work to develop new technologies for biological sensing and new diagnostic tools for IVF medicine, crime scene evaluation, rapid sensing of pandemic flu and detecting trace quantities of explosives. The total package for these Fellowships is $2.4M with 3 commencing in July 2010 and 3 in July 2011

“To support the fellows, IPAS is also investing in six new PhD positions, which will provide rich opportunities for trainee scientists to engage in innovative research with the potential to build future industries,” says IPAS Director Professor Tanya Monro.

The new IPAS Super Science Fellowships invest in research on the boundaries between physics, chemistry and biology, accelerating collaborations between IPAS and leading researchers in the Environment Institute and the Robinson Institute.  These fellowships have also been boosted by partnerships with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), the Prince Henry Institute in Melbourne and BioInnovation SA.


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