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Welcome to the first IPAS monthly Newsletter. Please visit our website at www.ipas.edu.au or alternatively you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Word Press.

We welcome to the IPAS team:

  • A/Prof David Lancaster has joined us full time from DSTO and his research will focus on Fibre Lasers.
  • Mr Peter Henry joined the team to run the silica facility, this includes the pre-form facility in G38 and the planned 6m silica drawing tower facility. Peter joins us from Sydney University where he was working on the fabrication of fibres at the OFTC in the silica fibre facility.
  • Dr Dominic Murphy started with us early December from Ireland working on microfluidic mixing and test-bed platforms for sensing.
  • Mr Luca Allegretti is visiting from the Technical University of Bari in Italy for 5 months working on his PhD.
  • Ms Jiafang Bei has joined us as a PhD student from China.
  • Mr Chris Kalnins has now fully completed the move from Flinders to join us as a PhD student in the area of fibre sensors for radiation detection with Heike as principal supervisor.
  • Mr Tilanka Munasinghe will start next week as a PhD student. Tanya will be Tilanka’s principal supervisor, with Shahraam Afshar as his co- supervisor. The topic is Nonlinear fibres for systems applications working in a collaboration with the University of Southampton.

Media and PR

Nature Photonics have featured the nonlinear optics paper ‘Beyond expectations’ Opt. Lett. 34, 3577–3579 (2009) by Dr Shahraam Afshar and his group at IPAS as one of their Research Highlights from the recent literature.

IPAS research student Sean Manning is to be the featured scientist on Channel 10’s ‘Scope’ science program.

IPAS Building News

Heritage & State Planning decision: Union Hall at the University of Adelaide, the planned location of the new IPAS building, has been provisionally entered into the South Australian Heritage Register, the first step to making it a South Australian Heritage Place. This means that we will have to wait 3 more months before we can be certain if the new IPAS Building on the Union Hall site will be going ahead.


In the 2nd half of 2009 we successfully established a regular IPAS Optics & Photonics Seminar, held every Tuesday at 2pm in physics Seminar Room 121 (1st floor, Physics Building) and this will be continuing throughout 2010. People in all areas are welcome to attend.

To compliment this we will be commencing a monthly IPAS Seminar Series. The intent is to have a regular forum for communicating ideas across physics, biology, chemistry, engineering and related areas, and seeding new collaborations and interactions. It will also be a chance to mingle socially with drinks and nibbles provided afterwards. At the first seminar Shaun McColl Deputy Head of School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences will present his talk “How controlling the movement of cells can lead the fight against cancer, infection and autoimmune disease” on April 9 in Union House Level 5 Cinema Room.

Workshops and Events

The first IPAS Grants Workshop will be held on Thursday June 3rd, 2010 (venue to be confirmed). All IPAS students and postdocs are encouraged to attend, the focus of the workshop will be to provide information on grants and other opportunities for young researchers. Invitations will be sent in the near future.

Grants and Publications

Equipment: In December 2009 the 1st round of IPAS equipment grants resulted in the distribution of $119k in research equipment to IPAS members, bringing the total IPAS investment in research equipment for 2009 to $200k. We have $700k to invest in research equipment in 2010/11.

For support in grant opportunities, applications, grant writing, please contact Mark Saunders the IPAS Grants Developer. ARC Discovery Grant applications close on 3rd March 2010 for funding in 2011.

Recently Submitted Grant Applications
Ian Potter Foundation: “Minimally Invasive BioPhotonic Cerebral and Spinal Fluid Sensing”

GWRDC: “Smart Bungs”


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