Dr Chris Sumby wins 2009 SA Young Tall Poppy Science Award – 18 August 2009


Dr Chris Sumby wins 2009 SA Young Tall Poppy Science Award – 18 August 2009


The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise scientific achievers who are in the early stage of their careers and already making discoveries.

The Awards were presented by The Hon Michael O’Brien, Minister for Science and

Technology, along with His Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSS RANR,

Governor of South Australia.

Dr Chris Sumby of IPAS was awarded the one of these prestigious prizes earlier this year.

 Chris’ work centres around the development of new chemical compounds, using weak links between components to form cage-like structures much larger than regular molecules. The synthesis of such cage-like structures, which can trap guest molecules within a central cavity, may feature in new modes of drug delivery, or could be used as nanoscale flasks in which to carry-out chemical reactions in isolation, one molecule at a time. Another aspect of Christopher’s research is concerned with making chemical sensors, which can tell us about environments too small to measure with other techniques.

Christopher’s successful international research career has resulted in 30 journal publications, and has been recognised in fellowships awarded in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


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